//Puretime Watch Dealer Review
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Puretime Watch Dealer Review

Do you prefer wearing a branded watch? But your budget is not enough to buy one?

What if there’s a watch store out there that sells high-quality replica of the branded watch that you like at an affordable price? Exciting, isn’t it?

But what is a replica product?

It is a method of copying the exact physical appearance, features, and functionality of the watch from its design and built. It is a reproduction that resembles the original and branded products that can be sold at a much affordable price compared to the original one.

The puretime replica watch store sells an excellent and high-quality copy of your preferred branded watch at a reasonable price. In today’s article, it will discuss the things that you might see on their website.

Website and Its Features

The puretime replica watch store website can give a user-friendly vibe on the first-time visitors and current customers. It has a sleek homepage that is so easy to navigate; shop announcements are present in the carousel apps header. As a visitor, it’s so easy for you to see if there are any discounts, new watch releases, promotions, events, and important announcements in the store.

PureTime Homepage

The web design is sleek and straightforward, it has a black background that complements the elegant design of the watches that they sell. Of course, as a website store, having a simple design can highlight the appearance of your products. Thus, it will attract customers to stay a little longer on your website while browsing. Generally speaking, a website doesn’t need to be fancy; what matters is how high-quality your products are.

Moreover, the search bar is quite easy to use too. If you’re looking for a particular brand or model, you can simply type in the name of that brand. For example, you’re looking for Rolex, but you’re not familiar with the model name, from the search bar, popular suggestions, categories, and related products will appear underneath the search bar.

Once the search bar locates your desired product, it will generate a list of products related to your search. On the right side of the product, you will see an “Add to cart” button for the customer’s convenience.

1. Header

From the header section, all the navigation menu is present at the top of the website. So, if you’re a new visitor with an agenda to navigate the site, this feature is convenient.

The header section consists of the following navigation menu:

  • Shipping and Handling: Details about the shipping methods are posted in this page
  • Payment Methods: On this page, you’ll see information about different payment methods available on the store
  • FAQ: If you’re a first-time buyer or you’re planning to buy puretime watches, this page is all about the common questions and answers that a customer will encounter on the purchasing process
  • About Us: On this page, you’ll see the information about the store, their story and how the store was established
  • My Account: In this page, a customer is required to create an account or to log-in their details to make a purchase
  • Order Status: If you have an on-going purchase, you can click this menu to see the current status of your order
  • Customer Service: If you have questions that need an immediate answer, you can visit this page and go with the Contact sub-menu.
PureTime Search Box

2. Footer

From the footer section, you can also see similarities from the header section. You can see their contact information, customer-related concern section, popular brands, list of payment methods, and shipping couriers, and space for signing up for their newsletter.

PureTime Website Footer

Products Available

Aside from the sleek website design and features, the essential part of the website is the product section. From there, you can easily browse the product by scrolling down the page. So if you prefer browsing while staying on the same page, their “Feature Products” section at their homepage will suit you for your convenience.

However, if you’re looking for a more detailed product list, you can simply choose from the sub-category menu of “Featured,” “New Arrivals,” and “Special Offers.” If you can’t find the watch you’re looking for, simply make use of the search bar.

Watch Information

If you’re the type of person who uses the internet to purchase things such as a watch, you will definitely like their product information page. Because you can see all the information about that particular watch. Pictures are shot from different angles, and the product description is complete.

You can see the watch’s specifications, information, and video. But the most notable thing that you can see from the product page is the Customer Review section. From there, you can read all the feedback from the previous customers who bought that particular watch.

PureTime Website Watch Details

If you have a successful purchase from the puretime replica watch store, you can also write a review, rate them, and ask some questions. Also, you can get an additional $10 discount coupon if you upload a review with a picture.

Secure Delivery

As a responsible and vigilant buyer, you wanted to make sure that your purchasing process will go smoothly and worry-free. When it comes to worry-free, it includes concern about shipping and delivery. The good thing about Puretime is that they have multiple shipping couriers that can send a package from several countries.

Puretime watch store can now ship in most EU countries without sending it to the UK. But if your country doesn’t allow replica items, this shipping method is not recommended. Also, for countries with tight and secured custom policies, they advise using the UK forwarding shipping method. Meaning, your replica watch will be shipped from China to the United Kingdom, then the UK from your country.

Customer Service

The good thing about their customer service is that on their page, there’s an orange oval with three-dotted at the bottom of the page, where you can talk to a customer representative from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm China Standard Time.

PureTime contact details

But if you have other concerns regarding billing, tracking, tech support, repair, pre-sales, and quality control, you can send an email at the address given on their customer service page.

Overall Quality

Overall, the Puretime Replica Watch store website is a customer-friendly page where everyone who loves to shop online will surely like. Sure, every avid online shopper will enjoy browsing their page. But the most notable part of the website is its product page and mode of communication when it comes to customer service.

It sends a signal to potential and current customers that their webpage and business is purely professional when handling the concerns and issues of their customers. It is also a plus that you can see the complete information details of the product, which can help virtual shoppers to imagine the actual product.

That’s actually a good thing, so kudos Puretime Replica Watch website. Indeed, you give what your customers want to see in an online shop.