//How to Buy a Replica Watch – Full Guide

How to Buy a Replica Watch – Full Guide

Replica watches have been around for many years but it is still not easy to find a good watch and a good dealer.

On this article, I will provide all the information you need to understand how the replica watch market works to avoid scams and ugly surprises when you buy your first watch or your next watch.

How the online replica watch market works

The online replica market works a little bit different compared to the replica market on the street.

When you buy a replica watch on the street, you will go to a dealer that shows you certain watches and you can buy it right away.

Instead, when you buy the watch online, there are three parties involved. You as the buyer, the website as the dealer and the factories. This is important to notice and we will see later that you can experience some issues with the dealer or with the factory.

The good thing about buying a replica online, is that you have many more watches available and you can spend as much time as you want checking pictures and information abour the watches you like.

The bad thing about buying a replica online, is that you will have to wait some time to receive the watch and you can not hold the watch in your hand before you actually buy it.

Issues with the delivery process

The delivery process is the biggest difference when buying a replica watch online instead of bying it on the street. Not only you have to wait a few days or weeks for your delivery but there can be other issues during the delivery process.

Getting to know this issues can help save you some headaches when you are buying your replicas.

There are mainly two issues that you can find at this stage. One of them is that your watch could get seized by customs. The other issue is that the watch could be out of stock in the factory.

To avoid customs issues, you should choose a replica dealer that has insurance and secure shipping. There are mainly two features you should make sure your dealer has before buying.

  • Multi-hop shipping: The dealer will send the watch trough another country to make the delivery more secure (only available for certain countries).
  • Re-shipping: If your watch gets seized, they dealer will send you a new one.

To know if a dealer supports this features, you can check our Trusted Dealer List.

If the problem you get is that there is no stock available for the watch you bought, then there is not really much you can do. The options that the dealer might have available on this cases are the following:

  • Choose a new watch
  • Wait for the watch to be available
  • Get a refund or a voucher

The best option is usually to choose a new watch or get a refund/voucher. This way you can buy a new watch that you like and problem solved.

As for the option to wait, sometimes watches are not avilable at the moment, buy they will be available shortly. In that case the dealer will let you know and you can choose to wait.

Warranty for replica watches

The replica watch market provides some types of warranty that are unique to this market. We will try to explain this and you can always look for more information on your dealer’s website.

There are mainly two warranties, one for the delivery and one for the watch.

The warranty for the delivery gives you around 24-48h to report any issue if the watch arrived damaged. Some may provide a new watch or a refund if your package arrives with a damage. This is pretty similar to any other product you buy online. Just be quick contacting the dealer if something happened and take pictures of the damage.

The warranty for the watches is different for each dealer but it is usually between 3-12 months. This is actually an improvement in the online replica market as there is no way you could get something like this when you bought a replica on the street.

The things that you need to keep in mind with the watche’s warranty is that it does not cover everything. The warranty is usually only for the mechanism and nothing else. So if something else breaks, it won’t be covered.

Water damage is not covered either. This is why many replica buyers don’t even take a shower with a replica. If you really want to use your replica underwater. Then you should take your watch to a watchsmith and have them waterproof the watch.

Another important thing about the warranty is that if you or anybody else opens the watch, the warranty will be void.

Also, keep in mind that you buy the watch from china, so if you ever need to use the warranty you will have to send the watch to china. This not only will cost you some money but it will be dangerous as the watch could get seized in customs and you may loose your watch and your money.

What many people do, is forget about warranties. You are getting a cheap watch compared to a genuine so when something goes wrong, you just fix it yourself or take it to a shop where they can fix a replica. Some fixes will be easy and unexpenive so expending some extra money to get it fixed or waterproofed could be a better option.

I want to get a refund

Many dealers do not have any information on their website about refunds and they do not provide refunds. Other provide refunds only in specific situations, so this really depends on each dealer.

It can be a good idea to check the refund policy for your dealer before you purchase your watch.

The dealers having refunds available, usually give refunds when the watch is out of stock or when there was an issue with the delivery.

There are mainly two types of refunds: vouchers and cash

Getting cash may sound like a better deal as you will get your money back. The issue here is that you will not get the full amount you paid. The dealer will usually substract the shipping and a fee that can be around 20%. This means that you get some money back but you lost some on the way.

Getting a voucher could be a better alternative in some situations. With a voucher you get the full amount you paid including the shipping and you can spend this money to buy a different watch.

Scams and disappointments

There are two different issues you may have buying a replica. There could be an issue with the buying process or with the watch itself, or you could just get scammed.

Disappointments. When some of the steps of buying your replica watch go wrong, we call this disappointments. As we tried to cover on this article, several things could go wrong. In that case, you need to stay calm and try to solve the problem with your dealer. Most of the time, there is a solution for every problem and it just takes some time find it.

Scams. Fortunately this issue is not that common. This usually fhappends when you go to a website that is not really a replica dealer, pay the money and never get a reply from them or the watch.

How to find a trusted website

In order to find a trusted dealer, you need to keep in mind everything we talked about on this article. Make sure you check the policies and delivery types of your dealer and decide.

We have also created a Trusted Dealer List that we keep up to date with information on some replica dealers and the type of services they offer.

You can keep the list in your favourites as sometimes the dealers change their web address and this way you can have updated information. Also, some scammers can make a copy of the trusted dealers so make sure you use the correct url for each website.

The quality of the replicas

The quality of the replica watches available on the market is really good. This is a market that has been available for many years and the replicas just get better and better.

But even if the replicas keep improving, they are still replicas and they are still very cheap when you compare them to a genuine watch.

Due to this, some replica watches might have some issues with their parts. You are getting a watch for $400 which is a copy of a watch that may cost $50k so you can not expect perfection. Just be prepared in case it happens and find a solution, sometimes spending extra $50 can fix the issue and you will be able to enjoy your watch for several years.

Apart from this, replica watches have great quality and some of their pieces and the materials are exactly the same as for the genuine watches. They look incredible similar to the genuine watches and unless you are a watch expert, it will be almost imposible for you to spot a replica.

So, keep in mind what we explained on this article, find a good dealer and enjoy your replica watches.