//14 Rolex Noob Watches with 3135 automatic movement
Rolex 3135 movement

14 Rolex Noob Watches with 3135 automatic movement

In the following article we will review 5 of the best Rolex Noob watches with 3135 automatic movement.

This watches are some of the best Rolex Replicas available in the market and some of the most famous Noob Factory master peaces created in recent years.

Here is the list of watches we will review in the article:

  1. Rolex Submariner Noob V9
  2. Rolex Submariner Noob V8
  3. Rolex Submariner Noob V8 24k
  4. Rolex Submariner Noob V7
  5. Rolex Yacht-Master 40
  6. Rolex Deepsea V7 & V8

1.- Rolex Noob Submariner V9

The Rolex submariner V9 is the latest vesion of Rolex Submariner released by Noob Factory in 2018.

Submariner V9 3135

This main difference on this version is that it has 904L stainless steel instead of 316L SS used in Submariner V7 and V8. As with other models, two colors are available in the dial of the submariner V9, Green and Black.

Both this V9 watches come with the 3135 automatic movement and the reference numbers are 116610LV for the green one and 116610LN for the black one.

You can buy this watch from any of our trusted dealers for around $550 usd. Here are also some direct links:

2.- Rolex Noob Submariner V8

The Submariner V8 is available in two different models the same as the V9. One comes with green dial and reference 116610LV and the other with black dial and reference 116610LN.

Submariner V8 3135

The main difference between the V9 and the V8 is that V8 uses 316L stainless steel instead of 904L used in the V9. But if you want to buy the V8 there is no need to worry because the quality is so good with both, that you will not notice the difference.

You can buy this watch from any of our trusted dealers for around $450 usd. Here are some direct links:

3.- Rolex Noob Submariner V8 24k

As the name suggests, the main difference of the V8 24k versus the V8 is that this watch comes with 24k yellow gold in the strap and in the bezel.

Rolex Submariner V8 24k 3135

The Stainless steel used for this model is the 316L which the same as version V8. And it also comes with sapphire crystal as the other submariner versions.

Due to the gold added to this watch, we also find a big difference in price. While the price for other models is around $450-550, the price fro for the V8 24k is over $600 usd.

This model is also the one with more variation available as it comes with the dial in three different colors. The usual blue and black dial are available and there is also the champagne dial.

Here are the models with the reference number, the dial color and the price:

  • 116613LN Black Dial for around $700
  • 116613LB Blue Dial for around $700
  • 116613LN Champagne Dial for around $680

4.- Rolex Noob Submariner V7

This watch is available in one model only, which comes with Blue Dial and Blue Bezel. The reference number for this model is 116619LB. Other V7 models are available online from other factories but those come with a different movement like the 3130 or the 2836-2.

Rolex Submariner V7 3135

As all the other watches on this article, the Submariner V7 from noob factory comes with Rolex 3135 automatic movement 28800bph.

For the case and the strap it uses stainless steel 316L (as version V8) which is an industry standard and it provides great quality. It also includes a scratch-proof sapphire crystal which is the best you can expect for your rolex replica watch.

You can buy this watch from our trusted dealers for around $550 usd.

5.- Rolex Yacht-Master 40

The Yacht-Master has several differences with the Submariner. One of the biggest differences is that this Yacht-Master watches come with rubber strap instead of using stainless steel.

The other difference, and the one that makes this watches more expensive than the Submariner watches, is that the case is wrapped with 18k rose gold.

Yacht-Master 40 3135 models.

The Yacht-Master with 3135 movement available in the market have two variations. One of them comes with diamond bezel and the other with black bezel.

Obviously the diamond bezel also makes the watch more expensive taking the price to over $700 on those models. But be aware that replicas do not use real diamonds. Instead, a cheaper alternative with close visual likeness to diamonds called zirconia is used.

The Yacht-Master with diamond bezel is available with red and black rubber and the one with black bezel can be bought with an extra rubber strap.

You can buy the watch with diamond bezel from any of our trusted dealers for around $750 usd and the one with normal bezel for around $500 with extra strap. You can also find vendors in google.

6.- Rolex DeepSea V7 & V8

There are three watches available with 3135 movement in the DeepSea category. The Deepsea V8 126660 available in blue and black and the Deepsea V7 116600 available in black.

These three watches come with 316L stainless steel bracelet and case. The crystal, is the top quality scratch proof sapphire crystal that you will find is most of the watches from noob factory.

This watches are in the cheap side of the models we mention on this article, and you can find them online or in our trusted dealers list for around $400-450.